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Product Care


Every Pixie Quilt product (handmade with love in the USA) is carefully sourced from the finest premium materials like:

♥︎ 100% natural, 120 thread-count, combed colorfast, quilters' weight, designer cotton fabric (Riley Blake, Moda, & Boundless)

♥︎ 100% natural, OEKO-TEX certified, KONA cotton solids (Robert Kaufman)

♥︎ 100% ultra clean lightweight cotton fiber batting, needle-punched with stabilizing scrim (Pellon)

♥︎ 100% cotton, 10-ounce heavyweight plush chenille

♥︎ 100% heavyweight polyester minky with luxurious 2mm pile  

While high quality quilters' weight cotton is heavier than cheaper cotton fabrics you might buy at a local craft store, it does have some shrinkage, usually no more than 2-3%.  Higher quality cotton fabrics are also less likely to bleed.  That's why I prewash every Pixie Quilt with a special "color-catcher" sheet before shipping ... to set the bright colors, stop shrinkage, and make sure the heirloom quilt you receive has that gentle puckered "quilty" look you love.

Laundry Care

All of my baby quilts, security blankets, and accessories are eco-friendly with a lightweight warmth and soft hand you'll feel as soon as you wrap your little one in for snuggle. 

  • WASHING MACHINE + DRYER:  quilts, blankets, & bibs
  • SPOT CLEAN:  pillowcases, clutches, stuffed dolls, & diaper changing pads


To preserve your Pixie Quilt products, use your favorite gentle laundry detergent (Dreft or Woolite) in the washing machine.  Do not use bleach or detergents with fabric softener additives as these harsh chemicals will damage the fibers and affect lifespan.  I personally like to use cold or cool water in the washing machine, but this premium quality cotton can withstand high heat if you have a particularly stubborn stain.


Tumble dry low with a fabric softener sheet, or hang on the clothesline outside for a fresh scent.  When you pull it out of the dryer, hold it by the corners with two hands and give it a couple of brisk, full-arm shake to release any wrinkles.  If you've left it to sit in the dryer for any length of time, you can use a few spritzes of Downy to quickly smooth the fabric.


You may iron your cotton baby quilt or flannel blanket if you want, but do not iron the minky as it will lose it's dimples.