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About Pixie Quilter Diane Lockman


Hi, friend!  I'm Diane Lockman, your Pixie Quilter.  I make...

Irresistibly Cute Designer Baby Quilts & Blankies

Designer baby quilts handmade in the USA with love from my home studio start with three lightweight, yet cushy, layers of premium 100% cotton fabrics. After bright whites and modern colors are pieced together, I stitch fanciful doodles all over the quilt top to echo the motifs in the pattern. The end result is an irresistibly cute signature piece for your nursery covered in cheerful surprises that make magical memories for years to come.

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Although Pixie Quilts the biz was only recently founded, I’ve been stitching home decor (window treatments, tablecloths, pillows) and costumes for my kids (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, My Fair Lady, and more) for 40+ years. [Scroll down to see an example my dressmaking skills...LOTR costumes]

When the kids were napping, I'd pull out my portable Brother machine and commandeer the dining room table for a project. What a delightful sewing mess I made!  I'm looking forward to having grandkids so I have a reason to make fun costumes again!  :-)

In October 2016, I decided to turn my sewing hobby into a full-time handmade quilting business. I renovated an empty bedroom into a fun, color-filled studio so that I could have a dedicated place to sew and watercolor. Now I've got room to spread out (and no need to clean up the dining room table at night).

There's a 5-foot long-arm quilting machine, a serger, my trusty Brother sewing machine, a 6-foot cutting table, a dresser I chalk-painted and distressed, an ironing board, a flannel design wall, and of course, a closet full of irresistibly cute premium quilting fabrics in bright colors and modern patterns. It's my HAPPY place!  Truly, I adore "going to work" every single day!

But even better than the joy of working in my happy studio is knowing that my creative talents will bless a sweet family one day.

You see 27 years ago I unexpectedly lost my first son Davis when he was only an infant.  His death rocked my world. What changed for me? I realized how precious life was; every single day was a gift from God. Before his brief life, I had taken everything for granted. After he died, I determined to live as if every day was my last ...to be fully present for and alive to the people in my life. In short, to LOVE with all my words and deeds. ♥︎

Thankfully, David and I had two healthy babies after Davis (Meredith & Connor). Ever since, my heart and passion has been focused on serving mothers and children.  In my spare time, I teach women's Bible studies, tutor inner-city third graders, and mentor young moms. David and I even fund annual school tuition for seven precious orphans in Zambia. 

Pixie Quilts is just another way I express my devotion to making childhood carefree and full of joy.

In fact, as I lovingly stitch every quilt and baby blanket, I pray God's blessings on the unknown mommy and baby who will one day wrap up in it for a sweet snuggle. I'm so thrilled when someone buys my quilts because I know there's already been a lot of love poured into it, and I believe the Lord hears my prayers for a lot of future love in that family, too!

My design aesthetic is a mix of the traditional with a modern twist. I adore nurseries that look put-together, but livable; I design my quilts as focal points to inspire your decorating.

Use your handmade quilt as a nursery inspiration piece for choosing wall color, crib linens, throw rugs, and wall art. When you do, your babe's bedroom will be a happy, cheerful place that's ready for making magical memories together!

In my shop, you'll find classic quilting patterns pieced with bright, sun-kissed colors. All of my quilts and blankets are meant to be loved, so they are built to last with sturdy reinforced construction. Narrow stitching with strong thread and topstitching ensure that your quilt and blanket will withstand lots of cuddling for years to come. 

Learn more about the high quality materials I use to ensure your baby quilts, blankets, and accessories become heirlooms to be passed on to your grands.

I'm looking forward to making your dream nursery come true!



PS. I like to stay current on the latest trends in baby bedding and artistic designs. I’m a member of the internationally-renowned Modern Quilt Guild and 2019 Vice-President of Mudsock Quilters Guild in north Indy. I'm a lifelong learner, so I'm always taking quilting classes and workshops to refine my design skills.

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Here's a collage of my kids in the Lord of the Rings costumes that I made for them.  If you're an LOTR fan, you'll recognize Pippin the Hobbit (Connor) and Arwen Evenstar the Elf (Meredith).  I love the silver embroidery on Connor's black velvet tunic and the satin details on Meredith's gown.