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Modern Baby Quilt - Designer Herringbone

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[SOLD OUT] Designer Herringbone Modern Baby Quilt is the cornerstone for my exclusive "Fancy Florals" Collection. Decorate your dream nursery with this darling handmade baby quilt:

  • classic heirloom & clean modern vibe
  • crisp artistry & creative stitching
  • entertains child & inspires imagination

Drawing inspiration from the bright floral color palette (clean aqua, navy blue, posie pink, ruby red) and the neutrals (crisp white, doe tan), decorate your nursery like a pro.  Paint your wall a pale version of the soft doe tan, then find a high gloss pure to refresh the bedroom's toe molding, trim, and doors.  Right away your nursery will feel uncluttered and inviting.  

Now it's time to pull in the baby accessories.  With a bold, but feminine floral pattern, limit large scale competing patterns.  Wide or narrow stripes on window treatments and pillows would complement the geometric design of your herringbone baby quilt.  Tiny gingham checks on the nursery lampshade, lined storage baskets, or crib skirt would look lovely.

This designer baby quilt is not just for snuggling baby...it's also a preschool teaching tool in disguise. Toss it as a lap quilt when you're rocking baby, and show her how to count flowers and learn her colors.  When she's a little bit older, you can show her how the quilt repeats the parallelogram shape.

Thoughtful artistry and bright designer fabrics are not the only features that make my handmade baby quilts so delightful.  The real magic happens when I put your quilt on my free motion long-arm quilting machine and stitch dreamy designs that echo the mood of the fabric and pieced patchwork.

At nap-time, fat little baby fingers will lazily trace the geometric and curvy lines of the freehand stitching until entering la-la-land. Imagine baby's surprise when she finds the stitched sunbursts which are scattered throughout...precious memories!

You'll treasure this baby quilt because it does more than comfort when it's time to climb in the crib ... it entertains and encourages learning.

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Lovingly crafted with expensive materials, your classic heirloom designer baby quilt is stitched to last for generations.  Three lightweight layers of premium 100% cotton fabrics and lofty batting are sandwiched together to ensure a sweet dreams for your little babe.

  • accurate piecing & bright modern fabrics
  • premium 120 thread-count, 100% pure cotton
  • charming patchwork (front) + aqua mini florals (back)

At 36" wide x 42" long, your baby quilt is the perfect size for your tiny angel whether she's snoozing in the bassinet, rocking with a mommy, cuddling on the sofa, or exploring on the nursery floor.

Pixie Quilts (handmade 💕in the USA) get softer with every cold-water wash (delicate cycle, gentle detergent).  Tumble dry low.  I've already given its' first loving wash for a puckered vintage quilt look. I know you'll love it!

Designer Modern Baby Quilt | The Fancy Florals Collection ]


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